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While many of the organisations we work with face similar challenges, we take the view that each organisation is unique and requires support that is specifically tailored to its needs. We like to take time to understand an organisation’s work, its culture, ambitions, context and constraints, before proposing interventions that will best result in sustainable change. 


Our work with organisations is informed by five core values: 



The challenges that social justice organisations are facing in the early 21st century are resulting in an erosion of trust: with funders, communities, the public, and critically, amongst staff. When we are engaged by organisations, we always ask ourselves: “how can this intervention help to (re)build trust in the organisation. 



We are conscious of the importance of providing our clients with value from their investment. For us, this is not just about ensuring that our work leads to tangible results. But also that we leave organisations with greater strengths and capabilities than they had before.  



We understand that, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact, our role is sometimes to challenge others.  



We are aware of the discrimination and bias that exists in all organisations - and in ourselves. We work to ensure that all voices are heard and we bring an awareness of power and privilege to our work. 



Our role is to help organisations maximise their potential. In everything we do, we seek to achieve this ambition. 

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